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Established 1952, Air Electro, Inc.

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  • D38999 Ser. III Jam Nut Receptacle w/ Right Angle PC Tail Contact

    Part #: AE40/24FC98PA

  • For Avionics, Naval, and Ground Tactical Equipment, Oil & Gas, Industrial, Mining, and Other Harsh Environments

    Part #: Media Converter

  • Custom cable solutions: shown here, a M83513 with cable assembly.

    Part #: M83513 w/ Cable Assembly

  • Stand Off Shell. PC Tail High Density. Stability for thin PC Tails. Helicoils loaded into shell for ease of assembly to board.

    Part #: AE38999/20WJ35SN-3

  • DSUB Miniature M24308 Connector. Rectangular Connector 20 AWG & 22 AWG Crimp Solder and Printed Circuit Contacts.

    Part #: M24308 Rectangular Connector

  • Optimized electrical circuit separation. Maintains straight and aligned contact pins. Provide ease of alignment. Prevents bending

    Part #: Alignment Disk

  • M83723 Series III Hermetic. Hermetic Jam-Nut Receptacle Connector. Resists most hostile environmental conditions.

    Part #: M83723/89H1212N


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