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How to select a High-Speed Connector for Your Design Application

The design process of electrical applications includes numerous considerations, particularly while designing high-speed networks. Many connector users may be unaware that various processes are considered, aside from merely assembling conductive wiring between two interconnects. Etching, tolerances, shielding, and more must be acknowledged while establishing high-speed connections and ensure proper signal integrity. The key to optimizing

D38999 Connector Custom Engineering Solutions

Knowing Air Electro’s unique connector capabilities, our customers often approach us with custom engineering solution questions. CASE SCENARIO: Question: “I often purchase D38999 connectors, remove the crimp contacts, purchase PC Tail contacts, load them in the D38999 shell and insert and mount the connector directly on the PC board. This is a costly process as

Gregory S. Rocque Appointed as President of Positronic

Positronic, a global manufacturer of high-reliability electronic connector products based in Springfield, Missouri, USA, has appointed Gregory S. Rocque as President of the Company. Rocque will lead the efforts and execution of continued change and growth for the Company, while invigorating Positronic as a thought leader in the industry and driver of innovative solutions for

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