Monthly Archives: October 2018

Interview with Positronic’s Global Vice President of Sales and Marketing John Grimm

Do you wonder what component manufacturers are doing to keep up with the industry demand and shorten current lead times? Air Electro’s Marketing Director, Nemanja Jokanovic, and Positronic’s Global Vice President of Sales and Marketing, John Grimm discuss how Positronic distinguishes itself as a company and tackles on new opportunities to seek growth. Air Electro:

Glenair Mighty Mouse Connectors – All You Need to Know in One Summary

Glenair’s Mighty Mouse connectors are the industry standard for reduced size and weight applications. At half the weight and size of the regular D38999 connector, the Mighty Mouse series makes it a perfect choice where weight and space constraints are of critical design importance. Comparing the two series, the Mighty Mouse connectors have: Higher contact

Former Microsemi Engineer Joins Air Electro as Quality Engineering Manager

Los Angeles, CA – Air Electro, a leader in aerospace, defense, transportation and avionics interconnect distribution and manufacturing appoints Marylou Navidad as Quality Engineering Manager. Marylou brings over 20 years of experience in the aerospace and electronics manufacturing industries. Formerly, she spent 11 years as the Quality Assurance Engineering Manager with Microsemi Corporation and was

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