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The Trailblazing GE90, For Decades The World’s Most Powerful Engine, Celebrates Its 25th Birthday

Groundhog Day 1995 will go down in the history books, and not just because Punxsutawney Phil cast no shadow. While the sky was cloudy in Pennsylvania on Friday, Feb. 2, 1995, a new chapter in commercial aviation was dawning by the Ohio River. It happened in the Cincinnati suburb of Evendale, home to the headquarters

A Century of Innovation: Where Will the Next 100 Take Us?

What does innovation mean to you? To GE Research, innovation means bringing unique technology solutions to life through multidisciplinary expertise, breadth of industry experience and access to industrial scale. And it’s that innovation mindset that has made the century-long partnership between GE Research and GE Aviation so successful. In celebration of GE Aviation’s centennial anniversary,

GE’s Catalyst Can Help Hybrid Planes Take Flight By Generating Up To 1 Megawatt

Hybrid planes are moving closer to takeoff. At the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh airshow Tuesday, GE Aviation said it signed a deal with XTI Aircraft Company to use GE’s Catalyst engine as the core of a new hybrid-electric propulsion system for a planned XTI business aircraft, the TriFan 600. It’s the first step in what GE

Jet Engines are Not the Only GE Tech Powering Boeing’s Latest Wide-Body Passenger Jet

The sleek, raptorlike wings with folding tips of Boeing’s new wide-body passenger jet, the 777X, are not the only departure from the earlier aircraft in the successful 777 series. The plane will be also packed with fancy avionics — touch-screen displays in the cockpit that make flying easier, cameras that help pilots navigate on the runway and advanced

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