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Efficiency in Power Connectors for Space Applications

Although we might dream of traveling through space as quickly and conveniently as the Jetsons, space travel is currently expensive and restrictive, requiring fastidious work and highly efficient tools. Whether on earth or in space, maximizing efficiency in electrical systems starts at the component level. If each component is optimized for efficiency, the system ratings

How Connectors Will Fuel the Rise of Robotics in the Workforce

From automated pizza delivery vehicles to robotic “dogs” that measure radiation levels in contaminated areas, the robotics industry is booming in 2021. In fact, per Industry Week’s 2020 Technology Survey, robotics continue to be a primary area of interest for manufacturers. Robotics across industries all have one thing in common: precision connectivity products. As industry disruptors continue to look for

Hermetic Connectors: Essential in the Development of Space-Bound Equipment

In the unyielding vastness of space, rugged and reliable equipment isn’t just helpful – it’s essential. Space-bound equipment must withstand numerous obstacles, including extreme temperatures, shock, and vibration. The technology used within spacecraft equipment carries a lot of responsibility and can threaten the equipment’s lifespan and performance, so it must undergo rigorous testing on earth

Military Connectors Defined

Military connectors were developed in the 1930s and originally used for extreme aeronautical and tactical service applications. Setting the standard for modern military circular connectors, the Army-Navy series (Type “AN”) influenced all military connector successors. These connectors are known as Military Standard (“MIL-STD”), though they are informally called “mil-spec” connectors, and are used in the

The Circular Argument for Durable Connectors

Electronic connectors come in many sizes and shapes, and there are arguments and rationale for every variety. Many of the most ubiquitous high-reliability connectors are circular, or more accurately, cylindrical. Circular power and signal connectors can be used in many applications, ranging from aerospace equipment to medical equipment to lighting for streets and vehicles, and

When Failure is Not an Option: The Rigor of Mil-Aero Specs

Critical military operations and spaceflight missions are two environments where failure is not an option and failsafe performance is the minimum requirement. For this reason, the suppliers of components used to build and operate military and space instruments are held to standards and specifications that are the highest in the world. These standards are commonly

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