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Welcome to Connector Corner by Air Electro Inc. Information and news about the cutting-edge industry of electrical connectors, defense contracts, aviation, aerospace, defense, and industrial automation and functionality.  Air Electro Inc. (AEI) has been serving and excelling in this thriving industry for over 65 years,  Originally founded by a US Marine Veteran, the team takes great pride in continuing to be a now third-generation family-owned and operated company.  Our industry is aerospace, military and defense, and industrial applications around the globe.

Hermetic Connectors: TE Connectivity Deutsch MIL-DTL-38999 Series I and III

Hermetic connectors are glass-sealed connectors that are designed to operate in extreme environments. The glass to metal sealing enables the connector to be resistant to most liquids and gas, such as gasoline, jet fuel, oil, acids and hydraulic fluids, amongst others, making it an ideal connector for use in harsh environments ranging from satellites to

AEI Value-Added Lines: EN3646

EN3646 is an Airbus specification for a low-profile, lightweight version of the MIL-DTL-26482 Series II connector. Is it a bayonet-style, quick-release connector that was designed for commercial aerospace applications. The commercial version (Souriau-Sunbank by Eaton’s 8525 and 8526 connectors) are also used in civil and military aeronautics, rail, armored vehicle equipment, telecommunications radars and weaponry.

AEI Value-Added LinesDSX – SAE AS81659 & ARINC 404

The DSX series are multipin, rack and panel style connectors designed to electrically connect equipment racks to avionics equipment. Typically the plug is installed on the avionics rack and the receptacle on the equipment box. Applications include commercial and military aircraft and helicopters, railway, radar systems, power circuits, in-flight electronic instrumentation and flight simulators. The

AEI Value-Added Lines: BACC Connectors

  Air Electro offers value-added assembly for BACC63 composite and stainless steel connectors. BACC63CT/CU/DB/DC is a Boeing specification for D38999 series III connectors and they are in accordance with the MIL-DTL-38999 Series III specification. Composite connectors (BACC63CU/CT) can be up to 30% lighter than aluminum connectors and are ideal for applications where weight saving is

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