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Non-industry and Non-Company news in and info about the world around us as it pertains to Aerospace, Aviation, Tech advancements and industrial applications around the globe. In Connector Corner, the blog by AEI, we ensure you stay up-to-date on what is happening in the industry surrounding some of the most important fields today.

Will Small Satellites Help Stop Big Threats?

The Air Force’s primary early-warning missile system could one day use small satellites to assist in the work. Speaking at a Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies event, Col. Dennis Bythewood, program executive officer for space development at the Space and Missile Systems Center. said DATE that the service was considering using a setup comprised of

Aug 19 – National Aviation Day

Some scientific and technological marvels become so commonplace that we seldom take the time to re-examine their revolutionary impact with an open and inquisitive mind. One such example is air transport. Think about it for a moment: In just a handful of generations, aviation went from pure, pie-in-the-sky speculation to a mundane reality that inspires

A Century of Innovation: Where Will the Next 100 Take Us?

What does innovation mean to you? To GE Research, innovation means bringing unique technology solutions to life through multidisciplinary expertise, breadth of industry experience and access to industrial scale. And it’s that innovation mindset that has made the century-long partnership between GE Research and GE Aviation so successful. In celebration of GE Aviation’s centennial anniversary,

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