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Non-industry and Non-Company news in and info about the world around us as it pertains to Aerospace, Aviation, Tech advancements and industrial applications around the globe. In Connector Corner, the blog by AEI, we ensure you stay up-to-date on what is happening in the industry surrounding some of the most important fields today.

AEI Manufacturing Solutions: Sealed Connectors

AEI manufacturing is a subsidiary of Air Electro, specializing in the manufacturing and design of specialized connectors and contacts with an emphasis on cylindrical connectors with printed circuit tail contacts. With over 20 years’ experience as a manufacturer, AEI Manufacturing offers a wide variety of capabilities, ranging from circular to rectangular connectors with straight PCB contacts

Air Electro Partners with Clorox to Help Fight the Spread of the Coronavirus

The novel coronavirus has killed almost one million people worldwide, the vast majority in mainland China. The World Health Organization (WHO) reported the world is nearing 30 million cases and a vaccine still hasn’t been certified. The United States is now the number one country on the planet in COVID-19 cases at 6.5 million! The

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