AEI Manufacturing Solutions: Filtered Connectors


AEI manufacturing is a subsidiary of Air Electro, specializing in the manufacturing and design of specialized connectors and contacts with an emphasis on cylindrical connectors with printed circuit tail contacts.

With over 20 years’ experience as a manufacturer, AEI Manufacturing offers a wide variety of capabilities, ranging from circular to rectangular connectors with straight PCB contacts to special coax and Triax contacts. With a full in*house engineering department and dedicated machinery, AEI Manufacturing is able to offer quick turnaround time on quotes and manufacturing while offering competitive pricing and flexible minimum requirements.

All AEI Manufacturing product meets or exceeds all applicable requirements of military specifications.




Filtered Connectors

AEI Manufacturing Filtered Connectors

Air Electro offers a comprehensive selection of filtered mil-spec circular and rectangular connectors—including D38999, M24308 D-subminiature, M83723, and others—designed to protect sensitive electrical equipment from unwanted electromagnetic interference (EMI), radio-frequency interference (RFI), and transient voltage spikes.

Filtering can be accomplished by integrating capacitors, diodes, ceramic planar arrays—or any combination thereof—into a connector’s contacts to achieve the desired attenuation levels. Planar arrays are most commonly used, and provide a lightweight, low profile, and effective means of removing unwanted high-frequency noise from an electrical system. Diodes allow a connector to shunt spikes in voltage to the ground in the event of a surge, such as a lightning strike. Common filtering types include C, L-C, C-L, and Pi, selected based on the capacitance value desired. All types can be packaged inside inline, piggy-back, dual flange, or custom-designed shell configurations to meet the space requirements of every application.

In addition to filtered connectors, Air Electro can provide complete testing and burn-in services to ensure that parts perform as intended, as well as an expansive line of contacts, backshells, and accessories to satisfy all of your interconnect requirements.


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