AEI manufacturing is a subsidiary of Air Electro, specializing in the manufacturing and design of specialized connectors and contacts with an emphasis on cylindrical connectors with printed circuit tail contacts.

With over 20 years’ experience as a manufacturer, AEI Manufacturing offers a wide variety of capabilities, ranging from circular to rectangular connectors with straight PCB contacts to special coax and Triax contacts. With a full in*house engineering department and dedicated machinery, AEI Manufacturing is able to offer quick turnaround time on quotes and manufacturing while offering competitive pricing and flexible minimum requirements.

All AEI Manufacturing product meets or exceeds all applicable requirements of military specifications.


AEI Manufacturing Matched Impedance Contacts

Drawing from over 30 years’ experience in mil-spec contacts, Air Electro offers an expansive selection of qualified and bespoke matched impedance coaxial, twinax, and quadrax contacts.

With operating frequencies ranging from megahertz to gigahertz, and styles including crimp, solder, and PC tail, Air Electro’s broad offering of shielded contacts are suited to mission-critical interconnect systems.

Qualified coaxial and concentric twinax contacts rated for use with common 50, 75, and 100 Ohm cables are available from stock. Differential twinax and quadrax contacts, designed to be direct replacements for common designs, are also available.

Customized PC tail configurations are Air Electro’s specialty, offered either discretely or pre-installed into one of the many connector styles available in our portfolio. These work perfectly in conjunction with our PC tail connectors and PCB standoff adaptors.

We encourage you to bring us your next hard-to-solve matched impedance contact requirement—including connector style, contact size, operating frequency, and cable type.


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