Air Electro distributes and assembles a variety of circular connectors for commercial, military and industrial applications. Our circular connector lines consist of Mil-Spec, Boeing approved (BACC), Airbus approved (EN), Hermetic connectors, Filter connectors and Souriau-Sunbank by Eaton’s industrial Trim Trio line.

Mil-Spec connector offerings are MIL-DTL-38999 series I, II & III, MIL-DTL-26482 series I & II, MIL-DTL-83723, MIL-DTL-26500 and MIL-DTL-5015. Boeing approved connectors consist of BACC45 and BACC63. Airbus approved connectors include EN3645 and EN3646. Industrial Trim Trio connector offerings include the UTS, UTG, UTO, MBG and UTV series. Commercial equivalents are available for MIL-DTL-38999 series I, II & III, MIL-DTL-26482 series I & II, MIL-DTL-83723, MIL-DTL-26500, MIL-DTL-5015, Souriau 851, 8525 and 8526.

Custom circular connectors are also available through Air Electro’s manufacturing division.

Today We Will be Diving Deeper into Circular Connectors and look at the Glenair circular connector solutions.

Glenair Mighty Mouse (Series 80) Connectors

Glenair’s Mighty Mouse Series 80 is the leading miniature connector series used in military, civil and ground applications. It mimics the MIL-DTL-38999, however, it is smaller in size and lighter. The Series 80 Mighty Mouse Connector is ideal for the extensive range of power and signal applications that rely on safe environmental and mechanical performance and electromagnetic compatibility as well as high-speed applications such as gigabit Ethernet. This series offers six different coupling variations-size #23 crimp contacts are standard, set on .076″ centers. Mighty Mouse connectors have been used in many critical military and civil applications specializing in harsh and rugged environments. Considering this series is half the size and weight of the standard D38999 connectors, many engineers switched their designs toward this series.

The goal of creating this series was to drastically decrease the size and weight of this flight critical connector while maintaining its core performance features. The connector reduction work took place in three critical areas beginning with reduction of the shell size and the addition of banding and shrink boot accessory functions. By doing so, Glenair successfully managed to cut not only the size and weight of the D38999, but also reduce the cost significantly.

Glenair Mighty Mouse (Series 80) Connectors Offerings

Glenair Mighty Mouse Series 800 (UNF Threads)

Glenair Connectors for Weight Sensitive Applications

Series 800 connectors are intended for light and medium duty applications where size, weight and cost outweigh the need for heavier-duty Series 80 connectors. Terminate shielded cable directly to the integral band platform for excellent EMI protection. Originally used for aerospace sensors, these Series 800 connectors have proven to be a good solution for small form factor tactical equipment including keyboards, radios, ruggedized RPDA’s and other dismounted soldier equipment. These connectors meet the requirements of MIL-STD-810 for immersion, vibration, sand and dust, shock, and corrosion resistance.




Glenair Mighty Mouse Series 801 (ACME Threads)

Glenair Crimp Receptacle Connector

Series 801 Mighty Mouse Connector features a double-start modified stub ACME mating thread for improved protection against cross-mating and thread damage. Connector shells are machined aluminum or stainless steel. Supplied with crimp contacts, packaged separately. Terminate contacts with standard M22520 tools. Metal clips inside the connector body lock contact into place. Contacts are removable. Fluorosilicone seals and rear grommet protect connector from water ingress. Terminate cable shield directly to connector body with Band-Master™ ATS strap, or choose rear accessory thread to attach optional cable clamp or backshell. Available in shell sizes 5 through 21 in 67 contact arrangements.




Glenair Mighty Mouse Series 802 (Aqua Connectors)

High-Pressure Sealing and Rugged Design in a Miniature Package

Originally developed for petroleum pipeline inspection equipment. Series 802 connectors are available in ten sizes from 1 to 130 contacts and equipped with Viton® O-rings to withstand exposure to corrosive chemicals and high temperature environments. These connectors feature high density crimp Mighty Mouse inserts, 316 stainless steel or marine bronze shells and a “piston” O-ring for hydrostatic sealing. Series 802 insulated wire, panel mount receptacles can be ordered as square flange, in-line or jam-nut versions. Choose integral shield termination platform or accessory thread for use with a variety of strain relief options. Crimp style gold-plated crimp contacts accept #12-30 wire. Printed circuit board receptacles come with factory installed solder cup contacts (non-removable) or PC tails. Connectors are backfilled with epoxy potting compound. Hermetic glass-sealed connectors come with solder cup contacts (non-removable) or PC tails. Choose Jam-nut, square flange or weld mount versions. 100% tested to meet 1 x 10-7 cc/sec helium leakage. Open face pressure rating 1000 PSI.


Glenair Mighty Mouse Series 803 (Bayonet Connectors)

Glenair Bayonet Mighty Mouse Offers ¼ Turn locking, Rugged Design and Ultraminiature Size

Bayonet Mighty Mouse Offers ¼ Turn Locking, Rugged Design and Ultraminiature Size Ideal for tactical handheld radios, sensors, test equipment and autosport equipment, the Series 803 connector adds quick bayonet coupling to the Glenair Series 80 product line. Key features are small size, light weight, environmental protection, and crimp-and-poke contacts. These features make the Series 803 Bayonet connector suitable for a wide range of quickdisconnect applications. Fluorosilicone seals resist most chemicals and provide splash protection. Not rated for water immersion.





Glenair Mighty Mouse Series 804 (Bayonet Connectors)

Environmental Sealing and Rugged Design in a Lightweight, Push-Pull Package

Series 804 Quick-Disconnect Offers Environmental Sealing and Rugged Design in a Lightweight, Push-Pull Package Ideal for breakaway connections. The Series 804 QDC connector features a stainless steel spring in the receptacle and a detent on the plug body. Used for headsets, radios, weapons and other applications, the QDC Mighty Mouse meets immersion requirements and provides excellent durability. The gold-plated spring provides low shell-to-shell resistance for excellent EMI shielding. A fluorosilicone o-ring provides a watertight seal when mated.





Glenair Mighty Mouse Series 805 (Triple-Start Threaded Connectors)

Glenair Mighty Mouse Series 805 is offered in Plug and Crimp Receptacle Versions

Glenair’s Series 805 connector offers outstanding EMI protection and vibration resistance in a miniaturized package. The Series 805 connector was developed to provide several performance enhancements compared to other “Mighty Mouse” versions. A ratchet mechanism in the coupling nut prevents de-mating under severe vibration. EMI performance is improved with a serpentine ground spring on the plug barrel. This nickel plated beryllium copper spring assures low shell-to-shell resistance. The Series 805, although larger than other Series 80 versions, saves size and weight compared to MIL-DTL-38999 connectors with no compromise in performance.





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