Circular Connectors: Radiall EB Tactical Conectors

Air Electro distributes and assembles a variety of circular connectors for commercial, military and industrial applications. Our circular connector lines consist of Mil-Spec, Boeing approved (BACC), Airbus approved (EN), Hermetic connectors, Filter connectors and Souriau-Sunbank by Eaton’s industrial Trim Trio line.

Mil-Spec connector offerings are MIL-DTL-38999 series I, II & III, MIL-DTL-26482 series I & II, MIL-DTL-83723, MIL-DTL-26500 and MIL-DTL-5015. Boeing approved connectors consist of BACC45 and BACC63. Airbus approved connectors include EN3645 and EN3646. Industrial Trim Trio connector offerings include the UTS, UTG, UTO, MBG and UTV series. Commercial equivalents are available for MIL-DTL-38999 series I, II & III, MIL-DTL-26482 series I & II, MIL-DTL-83723, MIL-DTL-26500, MIL-DTL-5015, Souriau 851, 8525 and 8526.

Custom circular connectors are also available through Air Electro’s manufacturing division.

Today We Will be Diving Deeper into Circular Connectors and look at the Radiall EB Tactical Connectors

Radiall EB Tactical Connectors

EB Connectors are Commonly Used in Quick Depletion Applications

EB Tactical connectors are commonly used in military applications where a quick filed depletion is required. Low maintenance is required in the field and these connectors are ideal for a harsh condition environment.

Air Electro can help resolve all of your technical questions regarding the Expanded Beam (EB) Tactical connectors.


F739 series:
  • Tactical cable assemblies using Expanded Beam Junior size Tactical connectors.
  • Designed to MIL-DTL-83526/20 & /21 mechanical interfaces standards
  • Optical performance:
    • Singlemode: IL max: 2 dB / RL > 34 dB
    • Multimode: IL max: 1.5 dB / RL > 20 dB
  • Temperature range: -40C to +85C
  • Contactless connection increases product life cycle: 3000 mating cycles
  • Optimized EB technology provides easy cleaning and resistance to shock and vibration

Field optimized with hermaphroditic design enabling mistake-proof field deployment and daisy chaining


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