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Tri-star Electronics is the leading manufacturer for Mil-Aero contacts, servicing over 90% of the world’s leading aerospace, avionics and electronics OEMs. With over 400 different part numbers on the QPL, they are the world’s largest provider of Mil-Spec contacts.

Air Electro has been a Tri-star distributor since 1986 and is the largest stocking distributor. With a multimillion-dollar inventor of nearly 300 discreet part numbers, our stock spans M39029, BACC, EN and custom contacts, ranging from crimp, PC tail, Coax, Triax, Thermocouple and Wire Wrap.

Tri-Star M39029 Contacts

Carlisle/Tri-Star M39029 (MIL-C-39029, AS39029) Series



Carlisle/Tri-Star M39029 (MIL-C-39029, AS39029) connector contacts are often used in harsh and ruggedized environments. These contacts meet all the military specifications and are often used in military and commercial aviation, aerospace, industrial and telecom applications. AS39029 contacts come in a variety of styles including PC Tail, crimp, solder cup and wire wrap, thermocouple, coaxial, twinax/triax.

Tri-Star Thermocouple Contacts

Rugged Electrical Contacts



At 36,000 feet on a 70,000 lb thrust jet engine or miles down an oil exploration hole, Tri-Star contacts can take the punishment. What may be exotic contacts to others have become one of our standard product offerings which brings decades of Tri-Star experience to your application.

Tri-Star Coaxial Contacts

Coaxial RF Mil-Spec Contacts



Coaxial contacts for Mil-C-38999, ARINC and many other connector families are available from Tri-Star. These coaxial contacts are used in critical communication systems, commercial & military satellites and telecom, as well as navigation and integrated avionic applications.

Tri-Star PC-Tail Contacts

Carlisle Printed Circuit Tail (PC-Tail) Contacts for all of the Major Connector Families



Tri-Star has designed and manufactured thousands of Printed Circuit Tail contacts for all of the major connector families. Whether you choose from one of our existing styles or we build to your exacting specifications, Air Electro is your source for PC Tail contacts.

Tri-Star Crimp Contacts

Carlisle/Tri-Star Crimp Contacts



A Mil-Spec crimp contact – we make it! From standard crimp contacts to reduced crimp barrels or custom designed for unique wire applications, Tri-Star is the leading manufacturer of crimp contacts for the Mil-Aero industry.

Tri-Star Solder Cup and Wire Trap Contacts

D-Sub Connector Contacts



We provide both. Whether you are prototyping or wiring up a test application, we can provide you with the solder cup or wire wrap contacts you need.

Tri-Star BACC (Boeing) Contacts

These Contacts Satisfy all the BACC47 and M39029 Specifications



Air Electro stocks a wide variety of Boeing approved (BACC) contacts. We are the largest stocking distributor for BACC47 contacts through Carlisle/Tri-Star. These contacts satisfy all the requirements of the BACC 47 specification as well as M39029 spec. These contacts are ideal for weight-restricted designs since they come in multiple configurations, male and female connectors, various pin sizes and shell materials.

Please contact Air Electro for any and all BACC connector, contact and accessory requirements.

Tri-Star EN3155 (AIRBUS) Contacts



Carlisle Removable Copper Alloy Contacts – Gold Plated

Tri-Star EN3155 contacts are removable and made from a copper alloy with gold plating. Options range from crimp, solder PC tail and quadrax with insert accommodating sizes 12 to 20. Mini size 16 coaxes are also available. EN3155 approved contacts are used when ordering to the EN3646 number, and AS39029 style connectors.

Air Electro is the world’s leading EN3155 contact authorized stocking distributor. Our technical team can assist will all the requirements.


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