Used in rugged and harsh environments, rectangular connectors offer design flexibility and ease of use as their advantage over other connector shapes.

Rectangular connectors are most often used in industrial automation, robotics, machine building, transportation-rail, and power creation.

Today, we are taking a deeper dive into Radiall Quickmate Connectors.

Radiall Quickmate Connectors

Quickmate, a range of quick mating connectors were developed for the ease of wiring in cable-to-cable and PCB-to-cable applications.

These connectors have a unique slide-lock system that features one finger mating—in a snap (Radiall Touch). Quickmate connectors offer designed cost-effective solutions for any industry.

Applicable industries: Aerospace, Defense, Industrial, Medical, Space, Telecom, Test, and Measurement.

Air Electro’s technical staff can assist with all the product and industry-related questions regarding the Quickmate connector series.

Radiall QM Series Connectors

QM – Quick Mount – Connectors are Commonly Used in Commercial and Private Jets

QM series has a compact design, high performance and quick installation attributes. Generally used in civil aviation and business jets applications. QM connectors series comes in various shell options: QM size A and size B in order to improve density and weight requirements in the wiring processes. QM shells offer broad spectrum of mounting device. QM series is a budget-friendly option since it uses EPX contacts a variety of modular inserts.


Mechanical performance:
  • Mating/unmating: 50 cycles
  • Random vibration: Up to 13.8 Grms
  • Shock: 50g –3 shocks on each axis
  • Insert retention in shell: 400N (90 lbs)
Electrical performance:
  • Shell to shell conductivity: Typical < 2.5 mohm
  • Shell to rail conductivity: Typical < 2.5 mohm
  • Dielectric Withstanding Voltage:
    • 1,500 Vrms at sea level
    • 800 Vrms at 50,000 feet
  • Insulation resistance: > 5,000 MΩ at ambient temperature
  • Lightning strike: 3.6 kA – 1,600V
  • EMI shield effectiveness: EN2591-213
    • Frequency 100 MHz: Attenuation 65 dB
    • Frequency 200 MH: Attenuation 63 dB
    • Frequency: 300 MHz: Attenuation 61 dB
    • Frequency400 MHz: Attenuation 59 dB
    • Frequency500 & 600 MHz: Attenuation 58dB
Environmental performance:
  • Altitude immersion: 50,000 feet
  • Temperature range: -65°C / +155°C
  • Temperature life: 1,000 hours at +155°C
  • Salt spray: 96 hours
Materials and finishes:
  • Shell: Nickel-plated composite
  • Inserts: Thermosetting or high-grade thermoplastic
  • Interfacial seal and grommet: Fluorosilicone elastomer
  • Insert retention clip: Beryllium copper
  • Polarization keys: High-grade thermoplastic
  • Contacts: Gold plating over copper alloy

Radiall QuickFusio

QuickFusio miniature connectors are ideal for any in-flight entertainment, in-seat power supply and network, lighting, PSU—passenger service units, seat actuation systems and many other EWIS and airplane cabin applications. QuickFusio miniature connectors offer cost advantages and are often used with SAE—AS—38999 Series II contacts. These connectors are lightweight and offer contact density. Adaptable range covering any wiring systems due to 4 available rear outputs and 4 shell sizes.

Quickfusi series offers a unique design joining rectangular and circular shape resulting in lightweight and extreme density. Also, these connectors feature toll—less locking slide and the mating of the plug.

Air Electro’s technical staff is ready to assist with any of your QuickFusio needs.


Mechanical Characteristics:
  • Mating/unmating: 500 cycles
  • Random vibration: EN2591 – 403 – method B – Level G (27.8 g)
  • Shock: EN2591-402 (50 g)
  • Insert retention in shell: 254 N
Electrical Characteristics:
  • Shell to shell conductivity: 2.5 mΩ max
  • Lightning strike: 5 kA – 1600 V
  • Magnetic permeability: <2 μ
  • Insulation resistance: > 5,000 MΩ
  • Dielectric withstanding voltage:
    • Contacts size 23: 500V
    • Contacts size 22 to 8: 1500V
Max Current Rating:
  • Contacts size 23 and 22: 5 A
  • Contacts size 20: 7.5 A
  • Contacts size 16: 13 A
  • Contacts size 12: 23 A
  • Contacts size 8: 46 A
Environmental Characteristics:
  • Temperature range: -65°C to +175°C
  • Salt spray: 96 hours
  • Altitude immersion: 55,000 feet for contacts size 22 to 8
  • Flammability: EN2591-317 FAR 25.853
  • Smoke and Toxicity: FAR 25.853 Appendix F
  • Fluids: EN 2591-315
Materials & Finishes:
  • Shell: High-grade thermoplastic (nickel-plated)
  • Insert Retention clip: Beryllium copper
  • Insert: High-grade thermoplastic with metallic retention clip
  • Contact: Copper alloy, gold plated over nickel
  • Slide lock (plug): High-grade thermoplastic
  • Grommet and interfacial seal: Fluorosilicone elastomer
  • Mounting plate (receptacle): Stainless steel


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