Rectangular Connectors: TE Connectivity Deutsch DMC-M Series

Used in rugged and harsh environments, rectangular connectors offer design flexibility and ease of use as their advantage over other connector shapes.

Rectangular connectors are most often used in industrial automation, robotics, machine building, transportation-rail, and power creation.

Today, we are taking a deeper dive into TE Deutsch DMC-M Series Connectors.

TE Connectivity Deutsch DMC-M Series Rectangular Connectors

Air Electro is one of the very few fully authorized distribution sources for all of your DMC—M needs. TE’s DMC—MD are lightweight composite, modular, color and mechanical coded, push-pull coupling connectors. These connectors were created to meet the most demanding avionics requirements and specifications including BACC65, ARINC 809 and EN4165. DMC-MD connectors support some of the most sophisticated programs in the aviation industry including Tiger, Rafaele, EC145, A350, B777, X6, LM JSF, NH90, B787, KC390, Sikorsky S-92 and many others.

Air Electro can assist with all the technical questions regarding the DMC—M inserts. This Series offers the largest selection of insert ranges on the market—over 30 layouts, 50% single source. Large contact techno available (#24 to #8). Use of AS39029 and EN3155 contacts series.

As far as the shells go, they are lightweight, shielded, and composite made. DMC—M shells offer 8 keyings, all with color identification. There is a large choice of Quick Install backshells and they are 100% toolles. EN4165, BACC65 and ARINC809 qualified.

Applications: Weapons interface, IFE and cabin powering, military vehicles, UAV, EWIS harness, Equipment powering.

Housing Composite
Plating Nickel
Inserts Thermoplastic and FSR
Vibrations 20 g
Durability up to 500 mating cycles
Salt spray up to 500 hours
Contacts Copper alloy with gold on nickel plating
Interfacial Sealing 1.1 x 10 -2  bar
Temperature range -55°C to +175°C
Insulation resistance ≥ 5000 MΩ
Maximum current Size 22 : 5 A
Size 20 : 7.5 A
Size 16 : 13 A
Size 12 : 23 A
Size 8 : 46 A
Frequency (MHz) 100 200 300 400 800 1000
Attenuation (dB) 50 45 45 40 35 30


Extender Receptacle Short Receptacle Plug Backshell
7 gr 6 gr 9 gr 4-7 gr
0.015 lbs 0.013 lbs 0.020 lbs 0.009-0.015 lbs

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