Souriau Trim-Trio Connectors – Industrial Applications

Air Electro, an authorized Souriau distributor, offers the most diverse lighting and industrial connectors in the market. Since 1978, when we signed the authorization agreement with SOURIAU, we have been serving our customers’ needs globally with rugged and power connectors. In this article, we would like to enhance and present our customers with Souriau: UTS – Waterproof Plastic Connector, UTO – robust metal & shielded connector, and UTL – UL/IEC power supply connector.

SOURIAU Lighting Application:

SOURIAU is a leading supplier of connector solutions designed to exceed UL and international LED and luminaire safety standards. SOURIAU is a unique company that offers innovative designs, a cooperative method and a durable obligation to meeting its customers requests, engineering and manufacturing needs when distributing innovative products to market. For these reasons, SOURIAU has been the chosen interconnect provider for a variety of customers leading the market with innovative lighting products servicing a diversity of applications.

SOURIAU Technical Solutions:

SOURIAU innovative designs and cutting-edge technology can withstand demanding waterproof applications, intense UV exposure and provide reliability in all outdoor, indoor and industrial environments. Our audible click and lock mating design features provide our customers with the easiest, quickest and safest installation solution.

SOURIAU Connector Solutions for Lighting Systems

Product Features:

1: UTS – waterproof plastic connector – Trim Trio

  • Affordable plastic connector with rapid 1/3 turn connection
  • Extreme sealing: dynamic IP68/69K mated & unmated
  • UV resistant and UL/IEC compliant
  • 30 layouts
  • Salt spray: 500h

For more information request UTS Series catalog here

2. UTO – robust metal & shielded connector – Trim Trio

  • Shielded metal connector with rapid 1/3 turn connection
  • Extreme sealing: dynamic IP68/69K
  • UL compliant
  • 17 layouts
  • Salt spray: 48h (standard), 96h (black anodized)

For more information request UTO Series catalog here

3: UTL – UL/IEC power supply and control connectors

  • Plastic connector with quick installation push-pull latch connection
  • Extreme sealing: dynamic IP68/69K mated & unmated
  • Safe disconnect under power load
  • UV resistant
  • Salt spray: ≥1000H

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