Micro-D connectors are about half the size of D-sub connectors. Both are shaped like the letter D. The early D-shaped connectors were first used in computers because of their compact design.

Glenair Micro-D connector 7580VertMount

Image courtesy of Glenair

Offering reliable and secure electrical connections, they feature at least two rows of parallel pins and offer high density in a miniature design. The D-shaped socket or plug also provides shielding from EMI. This fits snugly into the receptacle, providing a secure mechanical attachment as well as proper alignment and fit.

Although commonly used on computers, gaming consoles and for networking and communications, these designs are used actively in industrial settings, particularly in aerospace. Most are built to meet the requirements of the MIL-DTL-83513 specifications. They can be made available with Space-grade ratings as well.

Micro-D connectors can also be manufactured for use with PCB cable assemblies because they save valuable wiring space.

These miniature connector designs offer high dielectric strength. They also provide low contact resistance and high current capabilities. Additionally, they are extremely resistant to shock and vibration because of their rectangular shield and a screw design that ensures tight mating.

Shell materials can be manufactured of metal or plastic depending on the application.

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