Interview with Positronic’s Global Vice President of Sales and Marketing John Grimm

Positronic President John Grimm

Do you wonder what component manufacturers are doing to keep up with the industry demand and shorten current lead times? Air Electro’s Marketing Director, Nemanja Jokanovic, and Positronic’s Global Vice President of Sales and Marketing, John Grimm discuss how Positronic distinguishes itself as a company and tackles on new opportunities to seek growth.

Positronic Electrical connectors

Air Electro: What makes Positronic different from other connector manufacturers?

John: Our ability and desire to offer customized connector solutions at reasonable price points, preferred delivery times, and excellent quality, sets Positronic apart from other connector manufacturers. We have a long and successful history of providing customization, ranging from basic modifications of standard connector configurations to complete and unique application-specific connector designs, and everything in between. As a customer recently suggested, “we deal with customs a lot and in price, quality, and design flexibility, Positronic is heads and shoulders above their competitors.”

Air Electro: Positronic has started expanding its authorized distribution network across the US in the past two years. How has the business change since and what are the key advantages of working with a supply chain partner such as Air Electro?

John: Yes, in 2016, we “re-committed” as a company to a formal, Authorized Distributor Network in North America. We have since expanded to a very limited network of authorized distributors, such as Air Electro, which has helped us better serve our customer base. Gaining access and visibility to new customers, increasing the overall level of services provided, and capitalizing on the market intelligence and feedback, are other key advantages of working with these partners.

Air Electro: What are the current challenges your company is encountering and how are you tackling them?

John: Positronic is focused on driving efficiency in our operations. We will put intense attention on industry-leading lead times, quality, and reliability. We will align our company culture to build strong relationships with suppliers and customers, creating a cycle of success.

Air Electro: What are your thoughts on the current lead times in the industry, overall, and what is your advice to Positronic product customers?

John: Certainly, the growth spurt our industry experienced in the past year or so has created supply chain challenges for a number of component manufacturers, and as a result, pushed lead times considerably. Lead times have stabilized and in fact, are now receding at Positronic. We have also implemented several measures to improve consistencies and accuracies with respect to lead times.

Air Electro: What’s next for Positronic? What should the customers expect in the next 5 years?

John: For over 50 years, customers have relied on us to provide reliable connector solutions. There are exciting days to come at Positronic, and we look forward to being a partner that customers can rely on for front-end innovation and custom solutions for the next 50 years and beyond.

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About Air Electro and Positronic:

Air Electro and Positronic formed their authorized distribution partnership in September of 2017. Ever since both companies have assisted customers mutually and helped them with successful interconnect design solutions. In addition, Air Electro carries a large inventory of Positronic connectors and offers the same day shipping on stocked items.

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About John Grimm:

Prior to leading global sales and marketing efforts at Positronic, John’s career included 20 years of connector industry experience with divisions or business units of Molex, Belden and Eaton.

He has had significant experience and exposure to building a strong, global sales channel, with a specific focus on a selective Authorized Distributor platform.

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