Glenair’s Mighty Mouse connectors are the industry standard for reduced size and weight applications. At half the weight and size of the regular D38999 connector, the Mighty Mouse series makes it a perfect choice where weight and space constraints are of critical design importance.

Comparing the two series, the Mighty Mouse connectors have:

  • Higher contact density
  • Integration of banding platform on connector back end
  • Much smaller wire gauge – it can be as small as #30
  • Weight for a 55 pin contact crimp receptacle: 15g vs 34.6 g (D38999/24)
  • 67 insert arrangements

As one starts the design process, it is of crucial importance to understand the product capabilities and features. Mighty Mouse connector series offers:

  • 076-inch contact spacing
  • 12 shell sizes, fitting between 1 and 130 contacts
  • Aluminum shells
  • Beryllium copper retention clips
  • Integral shield banding porch or accessory threads
  • Environmental seals
  • #22 through #28 AWG wire
  • Rear-release crimp contacts

Below, we present a cutaway view of the plug and the receptacle version of the connector series:

Plug cutaway connector view

Plug cutaway connector view


Receptacle cutaway connector view

Mighty Mouse connectors are easily scalable and can meet the customers’ unique application design requirements, from cabling to high-speed, USB and RJ45 design requests. We are going to discuss each of these features in more details below.

Cabling Capability:
  • Polyurethane jacketing (LSZH) -30°C to + 105°C
  • Rubber jacketing (thermoplastic elastomer) -55°C to + 135°C
  • Nomex®-55°C to + 260°C
  • Halar®-73°C to + 150°C
  • Duralectric™ jacketing -65°C to 225°C
  • Custom overmolds
  • Custom bulk –anything from shielded twisted pairs, Coax, 50 ohm, 75 ohm, 100 ohm, mixed/color wire gages etc.

Various electrical cords in tan and black on a table


Mighty Mouse Series 80 High-Speed:

Features dominant electrical performance in protocol-specific applications – eSATA and USB 2.0/3.0.

In addition, the high-speed version of Mighty Mouse connectors accept size #8 Quadrax and Twinax contacts for Ethernet or high-frequency applications where the transmission of the data needs to be flawless. Often times, we see these types of products being used in military radios and soldier communication equipment.

The image above represents Series 80 Mighty Mouse Size 8 Quadrax and differential Twinax contact connectors

SuperSeal – Micro USB:

SuperSeal connectors are ideal for applications where electromagnetic pulse (EMP) failure is not acceptable. They are commonly found in military and civil aerospace applications. The series features:

  • Mated IP68 sealing
  • MicroAB and MicroB Interface
  • Feedthru or crimp removable contacts

In addition to Micro USB, Superseal USB type A features even more advanced technology more suitable for harsh applications. USB Type A can withstand rugged shock and vibration force as well as high operating temperatures. It is most commonly found in rugged military applications where quick data transfer is needed.

To wrap up, Mighty Mouse connectors are commonly used in military communication systems, aviation command and control units, soldier vests, fuel batteries, military drones and UAVs, military ground vehicles and store management systems.

As far as the benefits over other connector families go, Mighty Mouser Series 80 connectors are half the size and weight of D38999 connectors. Also, by featuring an integrated back porch, this connector series eliminates any need for a backshell. It features high-speed and hermetic capabilities as described in the sections above. Lastly, it can easily be modified and integrated for cable assemblies as well as offered in RoHS compliant plating.

If you as a procurement manager or an engineer are not familiar with Mighty Mouse connectors, even after reading this article, here are some competitive lines Mighty Mouse Series 80 competes with:

Amphenol – 2M Series

Cannon – MKJ

Deutsch – Wildcat


About Air Electro

Air Electro has been an authorized Glenair distributor since 1991. We are located only 30 miles away from Glenair’s facility and offer the same day shipping on stocked Glenair items. Because of our proximity to Glenair’s stocking facility, Air Electro has the ability to use the manufacturer’s stock and ship to our customers within 48h hours.

Regardless of being brand new or an experienced user of Mighty Mouse connectors, please contact Air Electro for all of your needs and requirements. Our technical staff will help answer any of your questions.

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