Aerospace Interconnect Product Solutions—Souriau

“Reach for the starts.” –They say. Yes, we try to reach for the stars and beyond as individuals, companies, and an industry every day. Our, aerospace, industry and the individuals in it strive for reaching further, higher, faster and more efficiently every day. Nowadays, the goal is Mars.

In order to achieve the goals, there is a demand for the most reliable, lightweight and rugged connectors in the industry. Below, we go into the details of our supplier’s history and accomplishments in the aerospace field. We proudly present Air Electro’s loyal partner and supplier—Souriau.

SOURIAU entered the aeronautical market in the 1940s, with the invention of the bayonet coupling connectors. Ever since, Souriau provides interconnect products and is now recognized as a reliable and leading partner by airframers and related equipment manufacturers thanks to:

  • Products qualified by aviation standards.
  • Highly knowledgeable sales engineers.
  • Excellent quality and supply chain partners, such as Air Electro.
  • Worldwide locations, as well as a worldwide distributor network.

The environment is also a point of focus, and Souriau proposes solutions compliant to REACH and RoHS regulations. Below, we focus on the summary of aerospace product solution from Souriau:

Space & Weight Saving

Souriau features connectors designs that address space and weight constraints. MIL-DTL-38999 Composite Connectors used in aerospace are designed for applications where size is critical. They provide flexibility according to your application and have a quick turnaround value-added process through the support of Air Electro.


Souriau aerospace connectors are designed for harsh environment and vibration withstanding.

Souriau encourages an “engineer to engineer” work process to better understand and meet our customer’s harshest needs: Superior strength in vibration, high temperature and corrosion performances as well as EMI and lightning resistance.


Dream big, design even bigger. Souriau allows its’ engineering customers to design the connector that matches the exact requirements and specifications.

Based on modular design and a wide range of contact technologies, SOURIAU is offering a high development capability for specific needs. With these aerospace connectors, an engineer has the opportunities to build custom to certified interconnection solutions. Standard products include Souriau’s ARINC 600 Series.

High-Speed Data Rate

ELIO high-speed connectors and contacts support all networks. Today’s technology for aeronautic equipment is more and more complex, requiring the management of an increasing flow of information at greater speeds. As far as the Souriau products go, they offer electrical and fiber optic solutions for high-speed networks at wide and flexible ranges.

Bulkhead Feedthrough

Save time during design, final assembly and maintenance.

These products enable to cross bulkheads while conveying signal or power. Whether you are looking to increase the modularity of your system, maintain pressure boundaries or convey high electrical power, Souriau connectors have the right solutions.

Hermetic Solutions

High sealing in any extreme conditions.

Hermetic connectors are used to maintain enclosure integrity in safety-critical applications or harsh environments where the reliability and performance of electrical connectors and systems are mandatory:

– Higher sealing level over time than traditional environmental connectors

– Compact low profile and good performance in vibration (no lose part)

Air Electro is Souriau’s first fully authorized distributor in the US. Our value-added services go beyond unique design capabilities. Our in—house engineering offers a 48-hour turnaround on all the value-added services. We also offer the same day shipping on many of the “off the shelf” Souriau connectors including MIL-DTL-38999 Series I and III, MIL-DTL-26482 Series I and II, ARINC 600, Trim—Trio, Hermetic, and Push-Pull connectors.


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