Virgin Galactic to Debut Passenger Cabin for SpaceShipTwo Today. Here’s How to Watch Live.

Virgin Galactic, a space tourism company that aims to launch passengers on suborbital flights, will lift the veil on what that experience will be like today (July 28) and you can watch it live online.

You can watch the reveal live at 10:am PST



In a live webcast at 1 p.m. EDT (1700 GMT), Virgin Galactic will unveil the cabin design for its SpaceShipTwo space planes, revealing what passengers paying $250,000 a ticket will see and feel when they buy a rocket ride.

“The live-streamed unveiling will feature a virtual walkthrough of the cabin, curated by the multi-disciplinary team which has striven to ensure that every detail of its design works to provide an unparalleled and safe consumer experience,” Virgin Galactic representatives said in an announcement

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