GE to Power Army’s Next Generation of Helicopters

Blackhaawk helicopter

As Apache and Black Hawk helicopters add capabilities and associated weight, they are also required to perform at higher and hotter conditions than they were designed for. This has led to the need for additional power. In response, the U.S. Army launched the Improved Turbine Engine Program (ITEP) to seek a new turboshaft engine to provide 50% more power, 25% better specific fuel consumption while reducing life cycle costs.

Inspired by four decades of U.S. Army rotorcraft experience, GE responded to this need by designing the new T901. Building on an unparalleled record with the U.S. Army’s Apache and Black Hawk helicopters, the T901 meets all ITEP requirements with fewer parts, a simpler design, and proven, reliable technology. GE stands ready to take the U.S. Army into the future of rotorcraft aviation.

Black Hawk

6,000 feet / 95 degrees F


6,000 feet / 95 degrees F

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