It’s officially Black Friday! We went searching on the internet for some great deals for pilots, and this is a small selection of the deals we found and think you might find interesting. Happy shopping!

Deals on Rod Machado’s Courses



Most of you will probably have heard of Rod Machado, an experienced flight instructor who has taught thousands of student pilots through his many online courses.

These are some of his discounted online courses. One of the best deals he offers is a 40% discount on his Complete Private Pilot Collection!

Deals on Faro Aviation Headsets



US-based Faro Aviation creates quality affordable aviation headsets. Their Faro F2 ANR, for example, offers a high-quality ANR headset for less than $400. Perfect for those wanting to own a quality headset, but not willing to break the bank.

If you’re looking for a little higher-end model, the Faro G3 ANR offers a very light, carbon-fiber headset, with ANR, Bluetooth, Faux Leather ear cushions and audio priority modes that can be found on the Bose A20 as well.

Deals on AVI-8 Pilot Watches



AVI-8 is a UK-based company, offering beautiful inexpensive pilot watches that “seek to honor both the aircraft and the untold story of the airmen who have dedicated themselves both in and out of the cockpit to bring these incredible machines to life.”

Their watches are both aesthetically pleasing and convenient to use. Some of their watches, such as the AVI-8 Hawker Hurricane have built-in chronographs, which offer a convenient tool when flying.

Deals on GoPro Action Cameras



GoPro has recently released its newest camera, the HERO8. For those of us who don’t réally need the newest of the newest, you can now get GoPro’s previous models like the Hero 5Hero 6Hero 7 and GoPro Fusion 360 camera with great discounts!

One of those cameras is the GoPro Hero 5 Black. Although a little outdated, this camera still offers amazing quality and stable footage. As this camera is discontinued, you can get it on Amazon with an almost 30% discount! The camera will come in e-commerce packaging instead of retail-packaging but includes the exact same accessories and warranty.

As the new GoPro Hero8 also includes a new 360-degree camera, Gopro’s previous 360-degree model, the GoPro Fusion, is on sale too!

Deals on Garmin inReach Handheld GPS and Satellite Communicators



Or how about something that could actually save your life one day? The Garmin inReach Handheld GPS and Satellite Communicators are on sale this month!

The Garmin inReach Mini and Garmin inReach Explorer+ offer a convenient and perhaps life-saving tool in the cockpit.

In the aviation world, inReach Mini becomes a valuable air communications link. When paired via Bluetooth to a compatible tablet or smartphone running the Garmin Pilot app, your inReach Mini makes it easy to send and receive text messages while in the cockpit — even from areas without cellular reception. The app pulls in your smart device’s contact lists, so access is simple and seamless. And since your inReach Mini is also a handheld GPS, Garmin Pilot can leverage its rock-solid position source to drive a georeferenced aircraft position symbol on your tablet’s moving map display. Also, for your followers on the ground, inReach Mini can provide tracking of your flight, using the web-based MapShare page created for your inReach account. You can also link via Facebook or Twitter.

Deals on Flight Simulator Gear



Looking to get started with Flight Simulator or want to upgrade your existing gear? Now is the perfect time with these Flight Simulator deals we found on Amazon!

Some great deals include $30 off the CH Products Eclipse Yoke, almost 50% off the Wiley Microsoft Flight Simulator X book, and 35% off the Homall Gaming Chair!

Other Deals on Pilot Watches



Of course, there are other brands than AVI-8. If you’re looking for something a little bit different (or more expensive), lucky for you we found some more great deals!

Deals on Flight Bags



A decent flight bag is on every pilot’s list. If you haven’t found the right one yet, it’s worth considering any of the bags below that come with a great discount!

Deals on Aviation Books



Ah books. Perfect for these cold winter days when we can’t fly. Almost all the aviation books we could find are discounted! Happy reading!

Deals on Aircraft Supplies


Deals on Airplane Models



Looking for a great gift for the pilot or aviation enthusiast(s) in your life? Then a hand-crafted wooden scale model might be a great idea!

Each product is identical to the plane’s original blueprint, the perfect gift for any aviation enthusiast, history buff or collector!

Other Aviation deals



Some other deals we found on pilot gear, like kneeboards, jackets, and other cockpit supplies.

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