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Seaking 700 Series

SeaKing is an innovative new connector series that eliminates a broad range of mechanical design weaknesses found in many of today’s high-pressure subsea connector families. From its double O-ring seals and retractable engaging nut, to its multi-keyed mating interface, the SeaKing represents a bold new approach to subsea power and signal connectivity.

Ideally suited for offshore oil & gas, military/defense, oceanographic research, and other harsh-environment subsea applications, the dry-mate connector series is built for optimal durability and reliability. Tested to 15,000 PSI (open face and mated), and equipped with integrated dual O-ring seals, marine bronze coupling nuts, corrosion-resistant stainless steel shells and high-pressure contact inserts with gold-plated signal contacts, special RF and fiber optic solutions, the Series 70 SeaKing is today’s most advanced high-density signal and standard-density power subsea connector available.

Benefits and Features


  • High density, small form factor connector
  • For every leak path dual O-ring seals ensure high-pressure performance
  • Signal, power, RF and optical contact arrangements
  • Stainless steel construction with anti-galling marine bronze engaging nut
  • Full-mate inspection ports
  • Easy O-ring replacement
  • Key and keyway polarization

SeaKing Junior 701 Series

High-reliability, dry-mate, harsh-environment connectors and cables

High-density series 701 SeaKing Junior connectors are the perfect choice for harsh-environment oil & gas industry equipment. All designs are equipped with piston seal nitrile O-rings to withstand exposure to corrosive chemicals and high-temperature environments.

These 10,000 psi pressure rated (mated condition) connectors feature high-density crimp-contact or solder cup inserts, and are significantly smaller than the larger form-factor series 700 SeaKing interconnects.

Gold-plated crimp contacts accept #12-30 gauge wire. SeaKing Junior connectors are backfilled with epoxy potting compound, ready for easy incorporation into molded cables.

Crimp-contact versions for field installation and repair are also available.

SeaKing Junior is specifically designed for high-pressure, mated condition applications that do not require the extra fail-safe feature and cost of an open-faced rated solution.

Benefits and Features


  • For intelligent inline inspection (PIG) applications and subsea instrumentation
  • 10,000 psi (mated condition) pressure-rated connector for overmolded (non-PBOF) applications
  • High density, small form-factor solution—up to 50% reduction in size and weight compared to industry standard solutions
  • Piston-seal nitrile O-ring equipped, epoxy potted
  • Ultraminiature high-density pin configurations: #22D, #20, #20HD, #16, #12, #8 signal, power, fiber optic and high-speed datalink shielded contacts

AquaMouse 802 Series

Originally developed for petroleum pipeline inspection equipment, Series 802 connectors are available in ten sizes from 1 to 130 contacts and equipped with Viton® O-rings to withstand exposure to corrosive chemicals and high-temperature environments.

These connectors feature high-density crimp Mighty Mouse inserts, 316 stainless steel or marine bronze shells, and a piston O–ring for hydrostatic sealing.

Series 802 insulated wire, panel mount receptacles can be ordered as square flange, inline, or jam–nut versions. Choose integral shield termination platform or accessory thread for use with a variety of strain relief options.

Crimp style gold–plated crimp contacts accept #12–30 wire. Connectors are backfilled with epoxy potting compound. Hermetic glass–sealed connectors come with solder cup contacts (non-removable) or PC tails.

100% tested to meet 1 x 10-7 cc/sec helium leakage. Open face pressure rating 3500 PSI.

Benefits and Features


  • 3500 psi pressure rated
  • High-temperature and corrosive chemicalresistant Viton® or Nitrile O-rings
  • Ultraminiature #23 contacts
  • Size #20, #20HD, #16, #12, #8 signal, power, fiber optic and shielded contacts
  • Discrete connectors and turnkey cable assemblies


Super ITS-MB Seacrow Series

Super ITS – MB Seacrow reverse bayonet marine bronze series connectors are compliant with MIL-DTL-5015, using the same power and signal insert arrangements but with reverse-bayonet coupling and precision-machined marine bronze construction.

Typically used for power and signal transmission, with wires from 26 AWG to 4/0, these ultra-harsh environment connectors are ideally suited for above-deck navy shipboard applications where repeated exposure to seawater and salt spray can quickly degrade the effectiveness of connector finishes leading to corrosion and possible failure.

Super-ITS MB Seacrow connectors exceed VG95234 standards for both sealing and durability. Over 200 plus MIL-STD-1651A, standard and combo insert arrangements are available, in 9 shell sizes fully tooled and ready for immediate shipment.

A wide selection of backshell options including cable shield termination for EMI/RFI applications and cable sealing backshells for conduit termination ensures reliable shielding and sealing performance. IP67 protection standard with IP68 available on request.

Benefits and Features


  • Precision-machined marine bronze alloy for superior corrosion resistance and reliable mating in seawater and other harsh environments—no plating or passivization required
  • Ideal for shipboard and other harsh geo-marine applications (VG95234 versions available for military / defense)
  • IP67 environmental sealing in mated condition; IP68 versions available
  • Super ITS – MB Seacrow connectors accomodate wires from 26 AWG square to 4/0 AWG
  • Over 200 power and signal arrangements IAW MIL-DTL-5015 / VG95234
  • Precision-machined for outstanding mating performance and durability



These are just some of the examples of marine solutions by Glenair. Explore them all

These serve as just some of the interconnect solutions offered by Glenair. To view our full Glenair offerings CLICK HERE

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