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Learn about the over 100,000 unique items – connectors, value-added products, contacts, accessories and more – that Air Electro has been leading the industry in supplying for over 65 years.

Product Highlights: Rectangular Connectors

Used in rugged and harsh environments, rectangular connectors offer design flexibility and ease of use as their advantage over other connector shapes. Air Electro is an authorized stocking distributor for Positronic, Souriau, Radiall, Amphenol, Glenair, TE Connectivity Deutsch and ADI Electronics as far as rectangular connectors go. Rectangular connectors are most often used industrial automation,

Product Highlight: Radiall Rack and Panel Connectors

Rack and Panel Connectors Radiall’s Rack and Panel connectors are used in both military and commercial applications and represent the world’s leading range of products. This connector series is cost-effective, high—speed, as well as RoHS compliant. Line Replaceable Module (LRM) is the newest technology connector series offering the high—speed and cost-effective solutions featuring the EPX

Product Highlight: D-Sub Connectors

D Sub connectors, also known as D Subminiature or D type connectors are small, lightweight connectors that are ideally suited for military equipment, industrial instrumentation, ground support devices and computer equipment. They can also be found in consumer electronics, telecommunications systems, medical equipment and local area networks (LANs). D Subminiature connectors are available in a

Custom Products – Connectors w/ Integrated Backshells

Connectors with Integrated Backshells For connector applications where weight reduction and increased shell-to-shell conductivity are paramount, turn to Air Electro’s line of connectors with integrated cable management features. Cable clamps, banding porches, shrink boot adaptors, and other widely used backshell configurations are integrated directly into the connector in lieu of accessory threads and user-installed accessories.

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