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Large Orders Coming In for Connectors for the Honeywell F-15 GPS/INS Upgrades

Los Angeles, CA – Air Electro has won a large electrical connector order from TTM Technologies for the Honeywell F-15 Embedded GPS/INS upgrades this week.  The order, which is scheduled to ship in 2020, is one of the largest for this program so far. The Honeywell F-15 Embedded GPS/INS Upgrade provides advanced performance navigation and

Glenair Mighty Mouse Connectors – All You Need to Know!

Glenair’s Mighty Mouse connectors are the industry standard for reduced size and weight applications. At half the weight and size of the regular D38999 connector, the Mighty Mouse series makes it a perfect choice where weight and space constraints are of critical design importance. Comparing the two series, the Mighty Mouse connectors have: Higher contact

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