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Product Highlight: Radiall Quickmate Connectors

Quickmate Connectors Quickmate, a range of quick mating connectors were developed for the ease of wiring in cable—to—cable and PCB—to—cable applications. These connectors have unique slide lock system that features one finger mating—in a snap (Radiall Touch). Quickmate connectors offer designed cost-effective solutions for any industry. Applicable industries: Aerospace, Defense, Industrial, Medical, Space, Telecom, Test

Gregory S. Rocque Appointed as President of Positronic

Positronic, a global manufacturer of high-reliability electronic connector products based in Springfield, Missouri, USA, has appointed Gregory S. Rocque as President of the Company. Rocque will lead the efforts and execution of continued change and growth for the Company, while invigorating Positronic as a thought leader in the industry and driver of innovative solutions for

Soldering Connectors Made Simple

  Many connectors and related components are often joined by soldering in some capacity. Soldering is the process of joining two metals with a melted filler metal. This process is very similar to welding, but do not mistake the two. Soldering does not melt the working metals but instead melts an added metal between the

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