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Versatile Positroinc D-Sub Connector Solutions for a Variety of Applications

D-Subminiature connectors, also known as D-Sub, are important to a broad range of markets and applications, including commercial, industrial, defense, aerospace, and high-performance computer technology. They work equally well for data, signal, and power transmission, and can be easily assembled in the field. Over time, they have evolved into an almost ubiquitous connector, equally common

Product Highlights: Rectangular Connectors

Used in rugged and harsh environments, rectangular connectors offer design flexibility and ease of use as their advantage over other connector shapes. Air Electro is an authorized stocking distributor for Positronic, Souriau, Radiall, Amphenol, Glenair, TE Connectivity Deutsch and ADI Electronics as far as rectangular connectors go. Rectangular connectors are most often used industrial automation,

Product Highlight: D-Sub Connectors

D Sub connectors, also known as D Subminiature or D type connectors are small, lightweight connectors that are ideally suited for military equipment, industrial instrumentation, ground support devices and computer equipment. They can also be found in consumer electronics, telecommunications systems, medical equipment and local area networks (LANs). D Subminiature connectors are available in a

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