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When Failure is Not an Option: The Rigor of Mil-Aero Specs

Critical military operations and spaceflight missions are two environments where failure is not an option and failsafe performance is the minimum requirement. For this reason, the suppliers of components used to build and operate military and space instruments are held to standards and specifications that are the highest in the world. These standards are commonly

All About Circular Connectors: Mil-Spec Design Summary

MIL-DTL-5015 (SAE AS50151) connectors, circular, MS3100 series (solder contact) Design Features: Threaded coupling design; eight connector configurations. Fifteen shell sizes—Range 8 thru 48 (.500″ to 3.000″ diameter). Wide variety of power and signal contact sizes (#4/0 to #20), standard density; 1 to 100 contacts. Conductive finish—Cadmium/Olive drab, 96-hour corrosion protection (standard). Application Notes: Contacts may

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