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Radiall Coaxial Connectors for Space

Radiall offers a comprehensive range of coaxial interconnect solutions for space. From lower power attenuators to high power terminations, we have the expertise and capability to design end-to-end solutions for your applications. Learn about some of their products offered by Air Electro below. Coaxial Connectors Radial offers a wide range of 50 ohms coaxial connectors

Souriau by Eaton Interconnect Solutions for Space

The Space Industry is challenged by the harshest environments from the high level of stress at launch to the extreme conditions of space. However, every launcher and spacecraft demands the highest level of reliability. Based on proven capabilities, Souriau by Eaton Connection Technologies is backed by an outstanding heritage with 50 uninterrupted years of experience in

Automation Connectors: How Automation Is Changing the Outlook of the Industry

Did you know that almost every product you’ve touched today was likely the result of an automated manufacturing process? A milk carton, a tube of toothpaste, your car, your computer: all of these items are now typically produced through a largely automated system. We’re currently in the midst of a digital transformation, and many manufacturers

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