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NASA’s Perseverance Rover Launch Kicks Off Audacious Mars Sample-Return Project

Humanity’s first interplanetary sample-return campaign is now underway. NASA’s car-sized Perseverance Mars rover launched yesterday (July 30), kicking off a nearly seven-month cruise to the Red Planet. Perseverance will hunt for signs of ancient Mars life after its February 2021 touchdown on the floor of Jezero Crater, which hosted a lake and a river delta billions of years ago. But

DoD Hands Out $84 million in Recovery Funds for Small Drone Makers and a Space Firm

The U.S. Department of Defense announced Friday it is issuing $84.4 million in funding through the Defense Production Act to small unmanned technology, space and shipbuilding companies. The money, divided among seven different companies, will be used to “sustain and strengthen essential domestic industrial base capabilities,” per a Pentagon announcement. “These actions will help to

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