D-Sub Connectors Overview

D-Sub Connectors Overview

D-Subminiature connectors or “D-Subs” are a robust, yet common type of electrical connector. Known for its signature D-shaped metal shield, it reduces EMI, assists in secure connections, and ensures proper orientation of contacts. It contains parallel rows of contact pins used for transferring data between computer systems and devices. D-Sub connectors are offered in both male and female configurations with various amounts of pins, depending on system needs. Connectors are typically secured with thumb screws on both sides of the protective shield to reinforce the connection and provide strain relief. Their simple installation and numerous uses allow them to be incorporated into computer systems everywhere.


D-Sub connectors have various capabilities and often exceed the needs of users. They are most widely used for transferring RS-232 serial data, but can also transfer RS-422, RS-485, and more. This capability of transferring a range of data allows them to be used in home entertainment, recording studios, computers, and beyond. Wherever computer systems are found, there will likely be D-Sub connectors involved. The simple nomenclature used to distinguish the differences between D-Sub connector types makes it easy for users to identify their needs. “D” is used as the prefix for the entire D-Sub series, followed by A, B, C, D, or E to identify the shell size. The number following the prefix represents the number of contacts. Finally, the suffix S or P indicates the connector’s gender.


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