Rectangular Connectors Overview

Rectangular Connectors Overview

Rectangular connectors offer design flexibility and ease of use as their primary advantages over other connector shapes. This group includes popular options such as D-Subs, power and hybrid connectors, ARINC and more. Their shape is excellent for efficient use of panel space in applied systems and their various options for material composition all them to fulfill different weight requirements. They are currently used in rack and panel, cable-to-cable, and panel mounting applications. Their robust design allows them to be used in industries such as: aerospace, defense, maritime, industrial, and more. They have been cleared and approved by BACC, EN, and MIL-DTL standards for use in avionic systems.


Rectangular connectors are able to fulfill the needs of power distribution and/or data transfer. Their numerous weight and material options allow them to be used in a number of systems.  Rectangular connectors can be found in military equipment, industrial instrumentation, ground support devices and computer equipment. They can also be found in consumer electronics, telecommunications systems, medical equipment and local area networks (LANs).  Rectangular connectors are available in a variety of shell sizes and pin-outs and can also be used in Line Replaceable Modules (LRM).  Contacts can be non-removable or removable, with options of crimp, solder cup or PC tail in low-to-high density configurations.


Air Electro is an authorized distributor of rectangular connectors. We have been serving the connector market since 1952. As an authorized stocking distributor, we offer: Amphenol PCD, Positronic, Radiall, Souriau-Sunbank by Eaton, TE Connectivity - DEUTSCH rectangular connectors.