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Amphenol AS85049 Circular Backshells

Mil-Spec Backshells used in Aerospace and Military Applications

Amphenol offers the widest range of accessories for circular connectors conforming to most Military (MIL) specifications as well as Industrial standards. Accessories Include:

  • AS85049 Backshells
  • Band Lock Adapter
  • Composite Backshells
  • Crimp Ring Adapter
  • Dust Caps
  • Environmental Backshells
  • Environmental EMI/RFI
  • Grommet Nut
  • Lamp Thread Adapter
  • Metal Flanges
  • Miniature Backshells
  • Non-Environmental Backshell
  • Non-Environmental EMI/RFI
  • Pre-Shield Adapter
  • Quick Clamp
  • SQ Adapter
  • Strain Relief Clamp

Some Backshells can be used without any additional protection while other types are generally used with heat-shrink boots or similar protection/strain relief mechanism depending on specific requirements.

Backshells for Military & Aerospace applications are governed by SAE, AS85049 standard and Amphenol Backshells are designed to meet the applicable requirement of these standards.