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Amphenol Luminus Connectors

Amphenol PCD Luminus Series

The Amphenol PCD Luminus Series are lightweight, cost-effective connectors that are highly reliable and simple to use. With multiple configurations and arrangements available, a solution can be tailored to suite your application’s exact requirements. Proven solutions can be found in single engine general aviation, multiple-engine business and passenger jets, and high performance rotary aircraft. Ideal where space is limited, these innovative, “scoop-proof” connectors feature a locking mechanism that ensures stability, are suitable for blind-mating, and are RoHS compliant.

Applications include Aerospace lighting, IFE, Instrumentation, Power & Signal Distribution, Actuation & Sensors, Soldier Communications, Military Aerospace - Rotorcraft, UAV’s, and Interior/Exterior LED.

As a franchised distributor for Amphenol PCD, Air Electro maintains a large amount of stock on the Amphenol PCD Luminus series, in addition to the ancillary AS39029 contacts, all of which are available as same day shipments, making us a proven reliable source for your Luminus series requirements.

Insulator Body Polyamide 6/6 (Nylon)
Grommet Silicon Rubber
Contact Retainer Stainless Steel
Contacts Copper Alloy
Stamped & Formed Contact - Hood Stainless Steel
Stamped & Formed Contact - Sleeve Stainless Steel
Plating Gold-plated 50 microinches per MIL-G-45204 type II, grade C, class I
Stamped & Formed Contact - Selective gold plate over mating area
3-5 microinches over nickel

Electrical Data

  • Insulation Resistance: 5000 Ω Min. @ 500 VDC
  • Dielectric Withstanding, 60 Hz:
Push & Pull Twist & Lock
Sea Level 1500VAC 1500VAC
45,000 600VAC N/A
70,000 N/A 300VAC
100,000 N/A 300VAC
  • Current Rating by Contact Size & Wire Accommodation (Amps):
Wire Size 22D 20 16 12
28 1.5 N/A N/A N/A
26 2.0 N/A N/A N/A
24 3.0 3.0 N/A N/A
22 5.0 5.0 N/A N/A
20 N/A 7.5 3.0 N/A
18 N/A N/A 5.0 N/A
16 N/A N/A 7.5 N/A
14 N/A N/A N/A 17.0
12 N/A N/A N/A 23.0
  • Contact Resistance:
Contact Size Maximum Millivolt Drop
22D 73
20 55
16 49
12 42
Temperature Range -65°F to 257°F (-65°C to 125°C)
Temperature Life Push and Pull - 150 hours @ 203°F (95°C)
Twist and Lock - 500 hours @ 185°F (85°C)
Temperature Cycling Push and Pull - 5 (1) Hour Cycles: 32°F to 203°F (0°C to 95°C)
Twist and Lock - 5 (1) Hour Cycles: -85°F to 257°F (-65°C to 125°C)
Durability Push and Pull - 50 mating cycles
Twist and Lock - 500 mating cycles
Thermal Shock Twist and Lock - 85°F to 392°F (-65°C to 200°C)
Altitude Immersion Twist and Lock - 5% salt solution
5000 Mohms @ 1500 VAC, sea level
5000 Mohms @ 300 VAC, 70K feet
5000 Mohms @ 300 VAC, 100K feet
Vibration 10-2000 Hz, 15G Peak
Shock Twist and Lock - 100G Sawtooth, 6MS
Salt Spray Twist and Lock - 5% Salt Spray @ 203°F (95˚C) for 48 hours
Humidity 10 Days @ 77°F to 149°F (25˚C to 65˚C), 90-95% RH
Seal Rating IP67
Flammability Push and Pull - UL94, V0
Twist and Lock - UL94, V0, DOTG section 26.6.2 & 26.6.3, FAR Part 25 App F Part I
RoHS & REACH Compliant Yes
Fluid Immersion Push and Pull -
Skydrol Hydraulic Fluid
Hydraulic Fluids per MIL-PRF-832282 & MIL-PRF-87257
Ethylene Glycol
Propylene Glycol
Aviation Jet Fuel - A    Twist and Lock -
Lubricating Oil per MIL-PRF-7808
Cleaning Compound per MIL-PRF-87937, Alkaline Base
Isopropyl Alchohol & Mineral Spirit Solution
Skydrol Hydraulic Fluid
Hydraulic Fluids per MIL-PRF-832282 & MIL-PRF-87257
Ethylene Glycol
Propylene Glycol
Aviation Jet Fuel - A