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Amphenol Terminal Block and Ground Modules

Ground blocks and terminal and junction modules are used for grounding and wiring integration devices for commercial and military aircraft. Typical applications are lighting in the aircraft, IFE and galley.

The ground blocks bodies are made from an aluminum alloy and terminal modules from polyphenylene sulfide. They meet the electrical, mechanical and environmental performance criteria of MIL-J-81714 specification. They provide a large number of ground terminations within close proximity to signal wires and are available in five buss configurations, all designed to accommodate size 16 and 20 AWGH cables terminated with AS39029 contacts.

Air Electro is a franchised stock distributor for both Souriau and Amphenol PCD’s line of ground blocks and terminal modules. With a vast stock on the full breadth of both manufacturer’s product and dozens of items available for same day shipments, Air Electro is a leading distributor for ground blocks and terminal modules.


Overmold Technology

Simplifies construction and improves sealing and reliability

Plastic retention clip - made with VICTREX® PEEK Polymer

Simplifies construction; uses 1 plastic piece vs 6 individual metal pieces

FODSeal Technology (Patented) 

Reduces FOD, part count and weight by eliminating sealing plugs

Smart Engineering 

Weight Savings - up to 0.06 oz per block vs standard designs, yielding up to 2lbs per plane on typical aircraft