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Arizona Electrical Products

Arizona Electrical Products is an Air Electro owned company, acquired in 2015. They are an approved manufacturer at many of the world’s leading aerospace companies and are recognized as a specialist in the design and manufacturing of specialized connectors and contacts. Capabilities include Galley Connectors, High Reliable Contacts for Mil Spec Connectors, D38999 PC Tail Pins and Sockets, along with Coax, Triax and Quadrax Contacts.

Other capabilities include commercial and Industrial cable assemblies including conventional point to point, molded cable assemblies, potting & encapsulation, environmentally protected cables, coax cable, E.M.I. assemblies protected by either metal over braid or tape, as well as over braided assembly with multiple types of exterior protection from abrasion.

The Arizona connector and design manufacturing team is trained and tested to ensure the reliability of the work performed on all cable assemblies.

Robust engineering tools include CAD/Modeling, Master CAM, MIL-Spec flex testing, Pull testing, EMI/RFI testing.