Glenair Opto Electronic Products (Transmitters, Receivers, Media Converters)

Beginning in 2012 Air Electro teamed up with Glenair to be their first distributor to sell Glenair's cutting edge opto electronic product.

Optoelectronics (also referred to as photonics) are various forms of optical transceivers / receiver assemblies, copper-to-fiber media converters, "active" connectors and cables and other devices used to convert digital electrical signals in electronic equipment into optical signals for high-bandwidth, long distance transmission. In aerospace and other demanding environments, optoelectronics are ruggedized for resistance to temperature extremes, vibration and shock.

Commercial and military avionic platforms, as well as in-flight communications and entertainment systems, flight displays, and data servers for aerospace applications increasingly rely on high-performance, harsh-environment optoelectronic modules that convert electrical-to-optical and optical-to-electrical data streams at rates from 1 Gbps up to 10 Gbps and beyond.

The harsh environmental requirements of commercial and military aerospace (temperature extremes, vibration and shock, EMI shielding, hermetic packaging and so on) are not adequately addressed by commercial-off-the-shelf fiber optic interconnects and transceiver/receiver assemblies. Many other applications also require optoelectronic modules that can operate in harsh environments including spacecraft, military ground vehicles, navy ships, above-ground and sub-sea oil and gas production plants as well as collider physics and nuclear plants.

These products are often used in fiber optic interconnect cable assembly applications such as: environmental overmolded fiber optic cable assembly, multi-way inside-the-Box D38999-to-ST assembly, fiber optic multibranch assembly with flexible conduit wire protection and integrated cable storage bay, GFOCA I/O to board assembly with reinforcing overbraiding, high-speed video fiber optic switch and cable junction box assembly, and turnkey GFOCA fiber optic cable assembly.

Glenair Opto Electronic Product Options