Positronic Power and Hybrid Connectors

Power and Hybrid connectors come in all shapes and sizes and with various abilities, options, and accessories. The purpose of a power connector is the be the important connection between the operating device and the power source. Positronic offers a variety of connector series so you can find the power connectors you need. All Positronic power connectors boast low contact resistance, an environmentally conscious feature that saves energy by reducing the amount of energy converted to heat during operation.

Air Electro is an authorized source for all the Positronic Power and Hybrid connectors. At Air Electro, we stock: Eclipse, Panther, Scorpion, Goldfish, Dragonfly, Power Connection System, Great Golden, Compact Power, AdvancedTCA, Infinity, Safety Shroud and Autoshunt. Our technical sales team can assist with all the technical questions.

Positronic Power and Hybrid Connector Product Offering