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Radiall Banana Plugs

Radiall Banana Plugs part numbers start with the R9xx prefix

Radiall offers a wide selection of high quality and reliable professional banana plugs for the most demanding test and measurement applications.

Radiall's professional banana plugs consist of two major series and adapters:

The 4mm Series

  • Safety plugs and sockets
  • Safety patch cords
  • Standard plugs and sockets
  • Standard patch cords
  • Accessories

The 2mm Series

  • Plugs and sockets
  • Patch cords
  • PCB test points
  • 20-way fixed connector
  • Short circuit links
  • Contact block and ribbon patch cords
  • Accessories


  • 2mm/4mm banana adapter
  • BNC/2mm banana adapter
  • BNC/4mm banana adapter
  • Banana adapter patch cord
  • Coaxial banana adapter patch cord


  • Research institutes and laboratories
  • Education - Instrumentations
  • Low voltage
  • Electronics
  • Engineering


Radiall's in-house technologies ensure high reliable product solutions due to its expertise and advanced design technology.

Radiall's contacts consists of a monobloc pin fitted with a copper beryllium spring finger. Depending on the model, the pin may or may not have a protective sleeve.