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Radiall 7/16 DIN Connectors

Radiall 7/16 DIN connector series part numbers start with the R185 prefix


  • Standard coaxial connectors
  • Screw-on coupling
  • High power rating
  • Excellent RF performance


  • IEC 169-4
  • DIN 47223
  • CECC 22 190


  • Mobile communication infrastructure networks: combiner, diplexer, filter...
  • Jumper and feeder cables assemblies
  • Radio links
  • Indoor and outdoor applications

Radiall’s 7/16 series has been developed using the latest technology advances in connector design. These connectors are easy to use, highly reliable, innovative and are designed to meet the needs of the telecommunications market. The complete connector series feature the following characteristics:

  • An extensive range, with optimized component part design
  • An upgraded cross-knurled coupling nut allowing better manual tightening

COMPOSITE 7/16 DIN Connectors

Radiall expanded its line of innovative 7/16 composite connectors with jacks and receptacles as a lightweight, low cost alternative to brass connectors. Manufactured with corrosion-proof, composite materials these new single-piece connectors are UV resistant, meeting IEC 68-2-5 and IEC-68-2-9 to withstand all environments, including harsh outdoor installations. Radiall now offers over 20 different variations. The selection of the composite materials is a result of an in-depth competitive analysis of creeping speeds of zinc and aluminum alloys. Not only do the composite materials offer considerable performance advantages guaranteeing up to 500 matings; but with more than a 50% reduction in weight, this receptacle reduces the overall weight of the final module as well as transportation costs.


  • Frequency range: DC - 7.5 GHz
  • 2 types of coupling nut:

- cross-knurled and 6 flats 27 mm wide coupling nut (3 000

- 6 flats coupling nut (32 mm wide), allowing high coupling torque (3 500 when used with a torque wrench

  • Intermodulation performance: 2 levels

- 125 dBm cable assemblies

 - 110 dBm connectors and cable assemblies

Radiall has developed its intermodulation measurement equipment following the IEC 46 D/292/NP standard proposal. It is aimed at third-order IMP measurements through the reflection method. The range of this test set-up is -132 dBm (-175 dBc) under 2 x 20 W.

  • High performance non-magnetic material (brass) and plating (silver) with anti-tarnishing finish (strike of BBR)
  • Non-slotted outer contact on standard products
  • The 7/16 connector series benefits from a complete easy-to-use range of tooling