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SOURIAU ELIO MIL-DTL-38999 – Fiber-Optic High-Speed Connectors

The ELIO connector range is the favorite Airbus fiber optics termini for A350, A380, A330, A400M programs. Mass-production scale of ELIO makes it the sustainable optical solution for aerospace, space, defense, marine and industrial market.

The flight proven ELIO fiber optics termini are designed around a robust 2.5mm ceramic ferrule. The assembly is as easy an ST connector. The insertion and retention inside the connector is ensured by a bayonet locking mechanism without any special tool. The termini integrates a seal inside the rear boot, thus the connection is sealed from the rear side without a backshell or a grommet. The 8D ELIO range covers layout from 1 to 24 ways in all type of material shell.

Each cavity can be upgraded with the brand-new ELIOBEAM expanded beam ELIO version. In the female insert, the termini are flushed to the insert surface, thus making easy the fiber optical end-face inspection and cleaning, compared to the traditional dust collecting socket design.

The same termini part number can adapt tight or loose structure cable.

  • Fiber optic termini keyed for better vibration withstanding and optical performances repeatability
  • Multimode contact - Insertion Loss (IL):
    • < 0.3dB over 95% of the samples as per EN2591-601
    • < 0.7dB maximum on 100% of the samples after tests
  • Singlemode contact - Insertion Loss (IL):
    • < 0.5dB over 95% of the samples as perEN2591-601
    • < 0.9dB maximum on 100% of the samples after tests