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Air Electro (AEI) produces an extensive line of connectors and contacts for the Civil Aerospace industry. Civil interconnect products include MIL-DTL-38999 Series I, II, & III in Aluminum, Steel, and Composite Shells; MIL-DTL-26500 Qualified to the BACC Connector Specifications, EPX General Purpose Rectangular Connectors, ARINC 404 & 600 Series. In addition, AEI distributes a variety of Filter Connectors, Grounding Modules, along with Engine Connectors conforming to EN2997 & MIL-DTL-83723 Series III specifications. Further, AEI distributes a wide range of Fiber Optic, Boeing BACC, and Airbus ASNE Connectors. Air Electro is also the world’s largest distributor for Tri-Star Mil-DTL-39029 contacts, along with their BACC47, and EN3155 Series.

Introducing: Souriau by Eaton MQuick Series

The MQuick range of rectangular connectors features a complete selection of components built around a range of standard modules, mechanical connections and accessories. It allows you to create interconnections that meet your dimensional and technical requirements. MQuick Series answers market expectations for modularity, quick and easy mate from installation to maintenance. Based on modular design, MQuick opens opportunities

MQuick Rectangular Connectors for Aeronautics from SOURIAU by EATON are now EN4165 Certified

SOURIAU by EATON’s compact, lightweight and modular MQuick range of rectangular push-pull connectors, built to comply with aeronautic standards EN4165 and BACC65, is now certified to the European standard EN4165. For the manufacturer of interconnect solutions, widely recognized in the aeronautics industry for their excellent operating characteristics, this certification further enlarges the scope of its

AEI Value-Added Lines: EN3646

EN3646 is an Airbus specification for a low-profile, lightweight version of the MIL-DTL-26482 Series II connector. Is it a bayonet-style, quick-release connector that was designed for commercial aerospace applications. The commercial version (Souriau-Sunbank by Eaton’s 8525 and 8526 connectors) are also used in civil and military aeronautics, rail, armored vehicle equipment, telecommunications radars and weaponry.

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