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Welcome to Connector Corner by Air Electro Inc.  In the company section of our blog we tackle AEI company news and information.  Air Electro Inc. has been leading the electrical connector, contacts & accessories industry for over 65 years and is the world’s largest stocker of contacts. Based out of Los Angeles, CA and founded by an United States Marine Veteran, AEI provides excellence in the distribution, assembly and manufacturing of electrical connector, contacts and related accessories around the world.  A now third-generation family-owned and operated company that staffs a diverse team of experts, AEI has been solving your connector needs with the highest level of quality control and inspection.

Souriau by Eaton Trim-Trio Connectors – Industrial Applications

Air Electro, an authorized Souriau by Eaton distributor, offers the most diverse lighting and industrial connectors in the market. Since 1978, when we signed the authorization agreement with Souriau (Which was acquired by Eaton in 2020), we have been serving our customers’ needs globally with rugged and power connectors. In this article, we would like

Beyond “Off the Shelf”: How to Choose the Right Connector for Your Custom Engineering Application

Selecting an appropriate connector for the custom application can come with many headaches. This article is intended to introduce design and mechanical engineers to custom solutions in the interconnect field. From circular, rectangular, PCB, RF and many more to all the various specifications—mil—spec, BACC, EN3645, etc. So, finding a perfect fit can be challenging.

MIL-DTL-38999 Connectors are Ready for the Harshest Environments

MIL-DTL-38999 connectors are miniature, high-density circular connectors made for some of the most demanding conditions and harshest environments imaginable. These electrical connectors have been intentionally designed to meet very strict Mil-Spec requirements set forth by the U.S. Department of Defense to establish an industry standard for performance and reliability. Despite being designed for the military,

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