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Renewable Energy (Solar), Factory Automation, Robotics, Instrumentation and Measurement, Medical, Geophysical, lighting, rail and mass transit. We offer interconnect solutions in push-pull, circular bayonet coupling styles and rectangular. Our industrial products include IP67 rated products along with ruggedized IP68 waterproof connectors in metal and plastic.

How Connectors Will Fuel the Rise of Robotics in the Workforce

From automated pizza delivery vehicles to robotic “dogs” that measure radiation levels in contaminated areas, the robotics industry is booming in 2021. In fact, per Industry Week’s 2020 Technology Survey, robotics continue to be a primary area of interest for manufacturers. Robotics across industries all have one thing in common: precision connectivity products. As industry disruptors continue to look for

Energy Interconnect Solutions by Souriau by Eaton

Souriau by Eaton provides standardized and customized products to support your design and development needs. Our connectors provide reliability in all outdoor, indoor environments and can resist intense UV exposure or withstand demanding waterproof and full immersion applications.   OIL & GAS Souriau by Eaton Solutions: High sealing open face Rugged connectors Mil-standard derivatives Metallic

Radiall Rail Connector Solutions

Radiall designs a comprehensive range of circular connectors for a wide variety of railway applications, such as rolling stock, signaling, onboard communication systems, and more. Their trusted interconnect solutions offer customers reliability, flexibility and durability in the railway industry.   Optic Connectors MIL-AERO FIBER OPTIC CONNECTORS Radiall is recognized in the aerospace and defense industries

Air Electro Solutions: The Growing Autonomous Vehicles Industry

In this new decade, many major automotive manufacturers and technology companies are testing autonomous/self-driving vehicles. There are in fact currently 65 companies conducting these tests. Some of these companies Tesla (obviously), General Motors, Google, Apple, and Ford. Only one of those companies currently has attained a permit for fully driverless testing on California public roads

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