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Explore the exciting world around us and all the ways Air Electro and our industry is connecting that world.

AEI Value-Added Lines: MIL-DTL-26482 Series I

MIL-DTL-26482 Series I is a quick-disconnect circular connector with a bayonet coupling designed to ensure reliable electrical connections in aircraft. The lightweight and compact size makes the 26482 style connector suitable not just for military and aerospace applications but also industrial and telecommunications applications that require a connector that can hold up in harsh environments.

An Innovative Mixture of Water and Electricity

Electricity and water normally don’t mix. But an invention by two Northrop Grumman engineers eliminates that incompatibility and the obvious danger of exposing electrical currents to water by — believe it or not — creating a new kind of electrical connector that operates while exposed directly to water. While the manufacturers of most electrical connectors

Automation Connectors: How Automation Is Changing the Outlook of the Industry

Did you know that almost every product you’ve touched today was likely the result of an automated manufacturing process? A milk carton, a tube of toothpaste, your car, your computer: all of these items are now typically produced through a largely automated system. We’re currently in the midst of a digital transformation, and many manufacturers

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