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Learn about the over 100,000 unique items – connectors, value-added products, contacts, accessories and more – that Air Electro has been leading the industry in supplying for over 65 years.

Introducing: Souriau by Eaton MQuick Series

The MQuick range of rectangular connectors features a complete selection of components built around a range of standard modules, mechanical connections and accessories. It allows you to create interconnections that meet your dimensional and technical requirements. MQuick Series answers market expectations for modularity, quick and easy mate from installation to maintenance. Based on modular design, MQuick opens opportunities

Lighting and Stagecraft Connector Solutions

Today, it is difficult for a manufacturer of lighting equipment to find a reliable connector solution. Indeed, the ability to maintain an IP68 sealing level in case of floods, the ability to resist UV radiation during long periods, and the moisture-proof capability to avoid electrical issues are basic requirements, but only a few connector series

Fiber Optic Connectors for Harsh Environments

Radiall’s comprehensive portfolio of interconnect solutions includes over 27,000 unique components. Connectors make up a large part of that portfolio, and harsh environment fiber optic connectors make up a part of their connector range. They design and manufacture fiber optic connectors specifically made to withstand and perform well in harsh environments. Keep reading to learn

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