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Knowing Air Electro’s unique connector capabilities, our customers often approach us with custom engineering solution questions.




“I often purchase D38999 connectors, remove the crimp contacts, purchase PC Tail contacts, load them in the D38999 shell and insert and mount the connector directly on the PC board. This is a costly process as it takes us time to move the product from one department to another and modify the design and production. I know Air Electro does customization, can you please assist?”


Air Electro’s manufacturing division, AEI Manufacturing, specializes in D38999 connector customization. We have senior design engineers on staff ready to assist with your desires and turn them into drawings in as quickly as three days! We can provide fully loaded D38999 connectors (using QPL approved shell and insert from SOURIAU or Corsair) with your or our PC Tail contacts, customize the connectors to your specifications and do that quickly. No need to wait for months to hear back on the new custom designs!


What else are your manufacturing capabilities?


Adapters allow standard Mil-Spec connectors with rear accessory threads to mount directly onto PC boards without the use of custom connector shells or flimsy spacers.

Cable clamps, banding porches, shrink boot adaptors, and other widely used backshell configurations are integrated directly into the connector in lieu of accessory threads and user-installed accessories.

Double flange D38999 connectors enable users to securely install wall mount or jam nut connectors directly onto printed circuit boards without the use of flimsy standoffs or aftermarket adapters.

For mission-critical applications that call for lightweight, highly environmental-resistant I/O connections, call on Air Electro’s line of sealed connectors. Epoxy-sealed connectors offer outstanding moisture and gas ingress protection and are an excellent alternative to glass-to-metal sealed hermetics, whose weight, expense, and long lead times often make them unsuitable for certain applications.

  • Permanency of Marking

protects the color band and the part marking from most solvents used during the cleaning process on PWB assemblies.

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