Welcome to Air Electro’s new Reusable Wash Cap for the protection of the part marking and mating bands for D38999 shells.


The problem: During the cleaning process of assembled printed circuit boards with D38999 style connectors, the part marking can degrade. This is caused by the types of solvents that are used by the assembly house.

Why is this a problem?: The D38999 specification does not allow missing sections of the painted bands. The actual part number must also be clear and legible.

Our solution: Air Electro has developed a clear coat protection process. This is done by applying a layer of coating that is applied right over the bands and the part number. The connector is then placed at a temperature to cure the coating.

Air Electro’s new nickel-plated aluminum connector cap is available for all sizes 9-25. The example we show here is a D38999 III receptacle with 128 printed circuit size 22D pin contacts, which an alignment disk. Here is the shell size 25 RWC, simply screw the cap on the mating side of your attached connector, as you can see the cap fully engages with the receptacle shell. This will protect the bands and the part number on your connector. When finished simply remove the cap, and you should be good go.

And yes , the cap can be used as often as needed, up to the mating cycle of the mil-spec shells.


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