Radiall designs a comprehensive range of circular connectors for a wide variety of railway applications, such as rolling stock, signaling, onboard communication systems, and more. Their trusted interconnect solutions offer customers reliability, flexibility and durability in the railway industry.


Optic Connectors

Radiall is recognized in the aerospace and defense industries for offering one of the broadest innovative product portfolios of interconnect solutions.

Their optical interfaces operate and maintain excellent optical performance in the temperature range -55C/ +125C and provide lightweight, ruggedization, and easy-to-use solutions.


Radiall produces high-quality tactical cable assemblies for a wide range of demanding military and field applications. Two main technologies exist in fiber optic connections for tactical environments: Physical Contact (PC) technology and Expanded Beam (EB) technology. Radiall will use the best of both alternatives to deliver ruggedized and field-deployable cable assemblies.

Tactical cable assemblies operate in unstable and severe environmental conditions, such as in radars, military radio communication, intercom systems and many other applications.

Typical requirements for tactical applications:

  • Fast and trouble-free integration in the field
  • Easy to use and trouble-free maintenance
  • Extremely high mating durability
  • Less sensitivity to pollution, dirt, and dust
  • Ruggedized connection, high resistance to crushing and shock
  • High tensile strength

Typical FO connectors for tactical cable assemblies:


RF Coaxial Connectors

Radiall Snap-On ConnectorsConnectors featuring a “snap-on” coupling mechanism are easily connected with a straight push and unmated with a straight pull. They are well-suited for connections in limited spaces or dense environments.

Radiall offers a broad range of standard and proprietary snap-on series. The most popular snap-on interfaces are SMB and MCX. One of the main benefits of snap-on connectors is their 360-degree rotation, which makes it easy to connect and orient a right-angle plug to a receptacle. It can be easy to accidentally unmate snap-on connectors by pulling on the cable or connector, which can be seen as a weakness.

Snap-on interfaces are sometimes proposed as “slide-on” types. To connect, simply push the male and female connectors together; mating is then maintained by spring-finger friction. Slide-on versions are useful when connectors must be mated and unmated frequently; this is the case for test and evaluation.

Quick-Lock and Secure connectors are designed to provide the ease of use of a Snap-on type with the reliability of a Screw-on type. They feature a coupling mechanism that makes connections fast, simple, and reliable, in the tightest spaces and without tools.Radiall Quick Lock and Secure Connectors

Quick-Lock types are typically 10 times faster to mate than standard Screw-on connectors and eliminate the need for a torque wrench. They feature low engagement force and enable higher interconnection density. They allow for 360° cable rotation after installation which makes cable routing much easier.
Quick-Lock and Secure connectors are optimized for shock and vibration resistance for harsh environments, and to prevent from unmating accidentally.


Radiall Screw-On Connectors

Screw-on connectors provide a robust connection with high electrical performance. They are typically longer to install compared to Quick-Lock types and do not allow high-density connections.

They are preferred for test and measurement applications at very high frequency up to 67 GHz, but are also used in many applications from telecom to military.

Most screw-on series require a wrench tool to apply the right torque.


Radiall Bayonet ConnectorsThe most well-known Bayonet type connector is the BNC connector, which was initially introduced to make it easy to connect and disconnect, in comparison to screw-on connectors. The BNC series is still very popular for low-frequency test equipment. It has been made available in multiple versions, 50 and 75 ohms, high voltage, isolated, twinax, etc.

Radiall RF Board-to-Board ConnectorsThese connectors are developed for Board-to-Board and board-to-module RF interconnections. They have grown in popularity in the wireless telecom market due to the need for miniaturization. Over time, engineers are replacing bulky RF cable assemblies with simple Board-to-Board RF connectors that are able to handle power levels exceeding 100 W. This provides space, weight, and cost savings.

The product line has evolved from accommodating limited misalignment between PC boards to offering the widest tolerances available in radial and axial directions, as well as coping with varying spacing between boards.

The range also includes innovative compression RF Board-to-Board connectors designed as one-piece connectors for very short distances between PC boards.

Blind mate connectors are designed for use in rack and panel or module to module interconnections, where multiple RF connectors need to be mated simultaneously in blind mate conditions. The blind mate connector has self-aligning features that allow for misalignment when mating. Blind mate RF connectors are mating either via a sliding or snapping action. They can operate at high frequency and typically achieve high electrical performance and high reliability.

Radiall Hermetic RF ConnectorsHermetically sealed RF connectors are used to carry microwave signals in and out of an electronic package and to ensure no outside elements – including liquid, air, or gas – can enter or leak. They are designed with a fused glass-to-metal seal soldered into the connector body and sealing the connector internally. Low-loss special glass is used for the best electrical performance. Hermeticity is typically defined as a leak rate of less than 1×10-8 cc/sec of Helium at 1 atmospheric differential pressure.

Hermetic connectors are used for applications requiring an extremely rugged and reliable seal in high-pressure environmental conditions. Hermetically sealed connectors are available with many interface types, the most popular one being the SMA type.

Radiall High Voltage RF ConnectorsHigh Voltage connectors are designed to allow signal transmission with high voltage ratings without safety risk for the operators. They are mainly used in imaging inspection, test & measurement, medical and aerospace applications. They manufacture a large range of High Voltage connectors rated from 5KV up to 20KV.

High power connectors, operating in the range DC-20 GHz, are typically large size interfaces with excellent performance in terms of high power handling, low insertion loss, and low PIM intermodulation. They are mainly used in Wireless Telecom infrastructure installations, and specifically for the next generation 5G equipment. But they can also be found in Medical and Nuclear applications.

Combined with their innovative plating HEP2R, antenna connectors meet and exceed the requirements of ISO 21207 method B for 5 cycles, and handle 720 hours of Neutral Salt Spray test.

Radiall’s portfolio includes the new miniature low intermodulation connector NEX10™.

Radiall Waterproof RF ConnectorsWaterproof connectors are designed with specific sealing O-rings to prevent water ingress. They are suitable for use in outdoor and harsh environments, including wireless telecom antennas, radio equipment, tactical radios, and outdoor sensors. Waterproof connectors are sometimes referred to as watertight and are available in 2 main categories: panel sealed only and totally sealed.

They are available in many different interface types, with the most popular being TNC and SMA types.

Radiall RF Switching ConnectorsRF switching connectors are PCB mount receptacles or adapters with a built-in mechanical switch function. This “two in one” solution provides a unique means of switching between two RF signal paths, typically between internal and external antennas.

The switch is activated by mating and unmating a standard plug to the switching connector. The features help to increase the density on the PCB boards by reducing the number of components, which significantly reduces the cost of ownership.

Several series include PCB connectors with a switch function, from micro-miniature to medium power series.

Radiall COAXIPACK 2 ConnectorsMultiport connectors consist of multiple coaxial contacts of the same interface integrated into a single connector module.

Coaxial contacts are carefully designed to provide low insertion force, blind mating, and high reliability. Multiport connectors enable higher interconnection density and reduce installation time.

The product range consists of modular PCB mount connectors up to 6 ports, coaxial contacts for 38999 circular connectors, and custom multiport solutions.

Radiall Non Magnetic RF ConnectorsNonmagnetic connectors are used for carrying RF signals within a magnetic field. Connectors must be transparent to the magnetic field, which means very low susceptibility and no field distortion. Due to Radiall’s dedicated manufacturing processes, raw material selection, and specific non-magnetic plating, they guarantee the low susceptibility level of their connectors at 10-5, as opposed to 10-2 for standard connectors made of brass/nickel materials.

These connectors are mainly used in medical MRI imaging systems where a high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) is required.

Non-magnetic connectors are available in various interface sizes, the most popular ones are MCX and SMP.

Radiall’s space offering includes a wide range of coaxial connectors with a frequency range up to Ka band. This includes, SMA and SMA 2.9 connectors that are ESA qualified, TNC, SMP and SMP-LOCK connectors which are EPPL classified, as well as SSMA and 2.4mm connectors.


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