AEI Value-Added Lines: EN3646

EN3646 is an Airbus specification for a low-profile, lightweight version of the MIL-DTL-26482 Series II connector.

Is it a bayonet-style, quick-release connector that was designed for commercial aerospace applications.

The commercial version (Souriau-Sunbank by Eaton’s 8525 and 8526 connectors) are also used in civil and military aeronautics, rail, armored vehicle equipment, telecommunications radars and weaponry.

Shell types are plugs, square flange and jam nut receptacles, made from a light aluminum alloy or stainless steel. Shell plating options are black anodized (non-conductive plating), nickel plating, olive drab, and yellow cadmium (all conductive plating).

Insert material is a hard thermoplastic, with fluid resistance specified by MIL-C-26482G Series II /HE302/EN3646, with standard norms coming from earlier norms NFL54130/ NAS 1599/ LN 29504.

For harsh environment applications, superior sealing capabilities are available by way of resin sealed and hermetic connectors. Resin sealed options have up to 1000 times higher sealing capabilities than the standard version. Hermetically sealed connectors with glass to metal sealing have leakage of less than 10 -9 with performance guaranteed for a minimum of 90,000 hours in fuel immersion.

Contacts are removable and made from a copper alloy with gold plating. Options range from crimp, solder PC tail and quadrax with insert accommodating sizes 12 to 20. Mini size 16 coaxes are also available. EN3155 approved contacts are used when ordering to the EN3646 number, and AS39029 style for 852 numbers.

Air Electro is a franchised, value-added distributor for Souriau-Sunbank by Eaton’s 852 series as well as having full assembly authorization for the Airbus EN3646 version. We stock the full breadth of shell types, sizes, insert arrangements and contacts, with a 48-hour value-added turnaround time, making us a leading supplier for EN3646/852 style connectors.


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